All Shall Perish This Is Where It Ends 2011

All Shall Perish – This Is Where It Ends (2011)


1."Divine Illusion" 3:21
2."There Is Nothing Left" 3:22
3."Procession of Ashes" 4:37
4."A Pure Evil" 5:12
5."Embrace the Curse" 2:57
6."Spineless" 3:57
7."The Past Will Haunt Us Both" 6:03
8."Royalty Into Exile" 4:24
9."My Retaliation" 3:23
10."Rebirth" 5:29
11."The Death Plague" (featuring Alexandre Erian of Despised Icon)3:02
12."In This Life of Pain" 7:23
13."Nobleza En Exilio (Spanish version of "Royalty Into Exile" ) " (Bonus Track)4:23

Formato: MP3
Calidad: CBR 320kbps (cdrip)
Tamaño: 127.61mb
Uploader: peter51cparker


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